rustic fireplace mantels

In a design sense, many images come to mind when one hears the word “rustic.” For example, picturesque natural outdoor America with its mountainous terrain, canyons cut by meandering streams and snow falling coolly. These visions and others may serve as the inspiration to create your own rustic design plan. The organic outdoors should be considered when you formulate and conceptualize plans for the production of rustic fireplace mantels.

Importantly, the location of a property is usually a primary inspiration for a truly rustic design. The natural surroundings become a part of the interior space and a cabin in the North Carolina mountains contains different elements than a New England farmhouse.

rustic fireplace mantels

Specific materials are needed to achieve a carefully considered rustic ambience. Choosing the right stone texture is one important step. A weathered or aged look should be accented. Flaws and imperfections in the stone contribute to the plan. Distressed wood as well as oxidized metals can be coupled with these stones creating a focal point.

Defining the correct architectural stone is a key piece to this puzzle. Quarried stones such as limestone, marble and travertine all express their own character traits. Color, texture, veining, voids and movement are all a part of the details.

Rustic fireplace mantels generally express a somewhat weathered appearance. Pitting, chipping, veining and shading contribute mightily. As reclaimed timber may generate an antebellum plantation ambience so too should your stone.

Many times a client comes into a stone showroom hoping to achieve a “rustic” style of some sort. Perhaps the best piece of advice they can be given is to go with what they see around them. Mother Nature will be their best and truest guide.

Naturally we feel that Texas limestone creates almost perfect rustic fireplace mantels. Our sister company Materials Marketing has ten showrooms around America. The design professionals in those locations will be happy to help you. Thanks for reading.