Architectural Stone Moldings

Architectural stone moldings fulfill several different purposes in a well thought out design plan. In fact, if you consider that from chair rails to window surrounds, fireplaces to backsplashes, nothing quite completes your overall stone work like moldings. The process of sorting through molding selections can be challenging. But after all, a successful design is all about details. There are many sizes, types, finishes and color options available. It is wise to take bit of time in these selections.

Let’s start with your overall scheme. Right now, we continue to see cleaner lines and lighter colors as a basic trend. There is also much less hand carving and general ornamentation. You might want to consider this in your preliminary thoughts when picking out your architectural stone molding. Now, sticking to just the interior spaces for today, your check list might include crown and base moldings by room. Then, you should consider if and where to use chair rail molding and casements around doors and windows.


Your selection of finishes further allow for personal expression. Currently, honed, distressed and brushed finishes are very popular. Of course, classic polished white marble is seldom out of style. The size of your molding can be tricky. A good rule of thumb is to be very conscious of the size of the space when picking trims and architectural stone moldings.

In conclusion, the evolution of technology in stone processing equipment has made for a greater selection of architectural stone moldings at better price points. Our sister company Materials Marketing has ten showrooms around America. The professionals in those design centers will be happy to provide more assistance. Thanks for reading.