The stone colors that drove design  in 2013 will continue in 2014 when it comes to light and clean. Today, let’s focus on California………Southern California in particular. I recently had the chance to speak with Mr. Jeff Glasener, the President of the sister company  to A.J. Brauer, Materials Marketing. Jeff spends a good chunk of time  in the Southern California market and as a long time veteran of the industry he has seen stone trends come and go. Here are a few of his thoughts on the use of lighter colored limestone and in particular white Texas limestone.

“We recently completed a very interesting project in La Jolla. This was a single story home with wonderfully open sight lines”. Jeff  said that  this design plan indicated  a strong  preference of the owners. “This was a very sleek home, but not meant to be sterile. A chopped stone, as both an interior and exterior wall covering, needed to be light and clean without too much movement.” A lighter white Texas limestone from  the A.J. Brauer stone company  fit the bill perfectly.

Another interesting project was a residence in Orange County that was located right on the ocean. The design plan again called for an exterior stone with a light and airy appeal. As you see below, A.J. Brauer was able to meet the design concept. Many times stone elements in lighter colors, such as crisp white marbles, have trouble achieving a softer style. This white Texas limestone was perfect!

A.J. Brauer California

Another interesting opportunity was a retail exterior, also in Orange County. Again, what was needed was a crisp and clean limestone color. The color value had to be consistent with  the softness associated with this lifestyle clothing brand. Please see below the completion of that design plan!

A.J. Brauer California 2

We realize that to incorporate a white Texas limestone into your project may require a little bit of assistance. We also believe that “hands on” is better! So with that said, our sister company, Materials Marketing, has ten showrooms around the USA that feature A.J. Brauer stone.  Stop in for some professional advice.