Stone Furniture Elements

The ability to create your own statement in an interior design or landscaping plan is never simpler than by the incorporation of a few Stone Furniture Elements. Let’s look at three ideas to ponder when you embark on this journey.

Firstly, as mentioned previously in this space, technology is on your side in terms of industrial advances such as CNC machines and waterjet cutting devices that vastly reduce costs by machining elements that were once hand done. These technical advances still maintain the  sense of esthetic primacy that is so paramount.

Secondly, the array of stones available has never been more bountiful. One piece of the puzzle is the natural stone blocks that are used to manufacture architectural pieces from fireplace surrounds to columns to furniture. The second piece for the production of natural stone furniture is the sheer variety of color values that the blocks are now available in. Whether you want to work in whites, grays or beiges you will be satisfied.

Thirdly, stone furniture and especially marble, is extremely fashion forward in 2014 and will continue to be so in 2015. The incredibly interesting e-zine,, comments from Milan that, the material of the moment at this year’s Milan design week was marble, with the streaky stone often associated with classical sculpture and architecture enjoying a revival in contemporary design”. 

At the top of this post is a custom designed marble bench in Vermont white marble by our sister com[any Materials Marketing. Materials Marketing enjoys a unique advantage in this arena since it’s manufacturing capabilities begin with the aforementioned natural stone blocks, such as those quarried here at A.J. Brauer. Hence, no company is better positioned to help you make your statement in Stone Furniture.

Materials Marketing enjoys ten showrooms in the USA. All of them can help you begin to take the steps necessary to produce a work of art in natural stone. Stop in a say hello!