Stone Fountains - Creative Ideas

Design thoughts  in selecting the perfect stone fountain include, amongst many things,  color selection, proper lighting and most of all how the selected stone will interact with the water flow. Do you desire a slight trickle or a bubbling stream? So here we go with Stone Fountains – Creative Ideas for your consideration.

Serving as a focal point in the interior or exterior of a home, fountains add a layer of depth and serenity to the space they inhabit. Styles range from basic one-piece wall fountains to ornate museum-quality creations which may remind one of such masterpieces as the Trevi fountain in Italy.

One popular style of exterior pedestal fountain features a 3-tier basin. Fountains like this add charm and elegance to outdoor areas such as patios, gardens or at the gateway of the home. A wide variety of color choices and design options are available when selecting a stone for your fountain. Select a texture for your stone finish from honed, polished or antiqued.

Fountains range from small and unpretentious to large and magnificent, both scales can add an air of sophistication especially with intricate stone carvings and sculpted faces that call to mind ancient Greece and Italy.

Stone Fountains - Creative Ideas

Several complementary materials can be combined to create effective visual elements in a fountain area. For instance, an elaborate tile mosaic may serve as an effective backdrop for a variety of plants and foliage positioned in terra cotta pots.

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