A good way to think of full stone veneer is to not be misled by the term “veneer”. When most of us think of this word, it connotes a thin layer or a  skin. For example, our friends at Wikipedia define wood veneer as, “thin slices of wood, usually thinner than 3 mm (1/8 inch)…..typically glued onto core panels”. In the case of full stone veneer, you are talking about a product that is 4 to 6 inches thick!

Recently, I spent to some time discussing this product with Mr. Jeff Glasener, the president of the A.J. Brauer sister company,  Materials Marketing.  Jeff indicated that this sort of stone usage is generally a part of new construction and he was then good enough to make a few points on this. “Full veneer imparts  a sense of permanence” and the homeowner feels a sense of “added value”.  He also mentioned the low maintenance aspect of full veneer as your exterior wall and its significantly long lifecycle.

A.J. Brauer stone masons

Now here are a few tips on full stone veneer for the homeowner to consider:

  • Work with a real professional mason who sees his work as a skilled craft.  He will be working with a very raw product and how he cuts and shapes the pieces of your stone is a true art. The value the mason brings is immense!
  • Be sure to view mock ups of your stone on site. Observe the various sun exposures and how the material looks both wet and dry.
  • Have other finish samples on the site. For example, you may plan having brick next to your stone. Have a sleeve of that brick available to view with your full stone veneer mock up. in context. Consider doing the same thing with paint, wood, glazing, etc.

To finish up here, our sister company, Materials Marketing, has ten showrooms around the USA that feature A.J. Brauer stone, produced from Texas limestone blocks. The design professionals in these locations will help you achieve the full stone veneer that your luxury home deserves!