Stone Columns 2015

Columns in the Classical Order are known to all of us who follow the art of architecture and very important to a company like A.J. Brauer. As background, the Greek orders would be DoricIonic, and Corinthian. The Romans gave us Tuscan, a simplification of Doric and Composite, which is considered to be somewhat more elaborate than Corinthian. To address our purposes today we first turn to a crisp new project in Denver as shown at the top of the post for a fine example of Stone Columns 2015.

The Denver firm, DHR Architecture, recently completed a project for a client where the introduction of natural stone columns made good design sense. Mr.Don Ruggles and Ms. Melissa Mabe-Sabanosh, two of the firm’s principals, were kind enough to offer some insight into the project and the roles played by columns, and natural stone. First, they described the project as “a Tudor Style house and the remodel reflects a fresh take on the Tudor Style”.  As such, the client wanted to “to respect the historical aspects of the house but to also make it easy for everyday living for a modern family”.

The challenges confronting the design team at that point were evident. Mr. Ruggles and Ms. Mabe-Sabanosh told us that the columns bring in harmony to the interior as they relate to the existing limestone accents that are original to the home” and then “allowed us to open up the space in an elegant way that captured the historical design elements of the house and reflect the overall theme”.

Naturally, the color of the stone was to play a leading role. According to DHR, the “stone color was a great match“. Last but not least, they noted the importance of technical attention to detail because,“field measurements and shop drawings always make it a smooth process for everyone involved”. We would like to think DHR for their time and attention through out this process. Of course we hope to do it all again many more times.

Our sister company, Materials Marketing, has ten unique showrooms in the United States where modern natural stone columns can be found. These are elements that will fit in Denver as discussed and seen above, in Atlanta as shown below and most points in between. Pay them a visit!

For the conversation today, let’s consider four column types, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian & Tuscan. The general idea is that an “order” is a way of properly assembling the elements of the column and is decided prior to design. This is then approached as the “grammar” of the element. So there we have the beginnings of natural stone columns in the Classical Order of Architecture!

The Doric Column is the most basic of the three Greek orders, the capital is a circle topped by a square. The shaft is plain with 20 generally fluted channels. Early versions had no base, but later forms added one.

The Ionic Column is more decorative than the Doric having taller more fluted columns. Generally, they will  include an entasis, or a slight bulging of the column. The friezes are plain, the bases large and the capitals feature scroll work.

Brauer Column Types Drawing

The Corinthian Column is the most elaborate column of the classical orders. As a rule, the  fluted columns are somewhat slender and any entasis is less pronounced in use. Capitals will most likely include both flowers and scrolls. Too many observers, this is considered the most elegant of the classic Greek pieces.

The Tuscan Column was created by the Romans from the Greek Doric. This is a simple design and probably that is its appeal. The entablature is very plain, the column is unfluted. Both the base and capital are very simple. A Tuscan column gives a very solid appearance.

A.J. Brauer takes pride in on our ability to turn  our clients design ideas into reality in natural stone columns. If you want Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, or Tuscan columns, we will take you from preliminary sketches to final shop drawings….to a completed product!

Brauer Stone Columns Exterior

It is also possible that  you may want a Tower of the Winds column, a composite column or perhaps a personalized column design that works for you. We will take these ideas, and do our best to customize your wish using the intellectual property that we have collected over the years.

In closing, our sister company, Materials Marketing, has ten showrooms around the USA that feature A.J. Brauer stone, produced from Texas limestone blocks. The design professionals there can guide you the process of designing and producing natural stone columns!